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BRONX X The Sustainability Club  – THE SUSTAINABILITY CLUB has helped BRONX to shape their vision on sustainability and we advised BRONX on the development of the new GROOV-Y CANVAS boots. These boots are the first steps of BRONX in their journey towards ZERO FOOTPRINT.

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The Future of Creative Design  – presenting our projects New Matters virtual and live to an international audience.

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The Dos and Dont's of Circularity  – keynote on the principles of circularity in fashion and tips on how to get started.

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Circular Oceans  – The outfit explores circular design strategies promoting natural materials and ocean health.

Collaboration with Carolyn Raff Studio.

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Collaborative Services  – We have teamed up with these incredible women under the umbrella of The Sustainability Club to offer more diverse expertise, products and services to guide your brand’s sustainability journey.

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Ocean Flowers  – Decadence as a source for inspiration is used as a central theme for this collaborative material study. Focussing on SDGs 12 and 14.

Collaboration with Carolyn Raff Studio.

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RAW LINES – The collection was nominated for Federal German Ecodesign Award 2019 in the category Young Talent.

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BLACK COAST – The collection focussed on local production using natural fibres and innovative materials, including knitted glass silk and cupro.

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MaDe – Material designers workshop in Milan exploring algae biofoams.

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WORTH Partnership Project Winner – explorative material design and development for the use in wearable garments together with Material Design Lab of KEA – Copenhagen School of Design & Technology

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Speaking Event – presentation of result of  research study conducted for the publication Dossier: Fast Fashion – A Balance Sheet in 3 parts at Fashionsustain conference during NEONYT in Berlin. The keynote was held in the name of Beneficial Design Institute GmbH.

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Dossier: Fast Fashion – A Balance Sheet in 3 parts – Co-Author of two articles on buying practices and fact sheets on the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry.

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