The collection was nominated for Federal German Ecodesign Award 2019 in the category Young Talent.


Project Partners:

smart fiber AG
Beneficial Design Institute GmbH
TU Chemnitz
Electronic & Textile Institute Berlin


Funded through the hessnatur Foundation scholarship during the studies at Akademie Mode & Design Berlin Sustainability in Fashion (MA), mentoring and oversight Dr. Josephine Barbe, Dr. Alexandra Woithe, Rolf Heimann, Ina Budde,  Prof. Dr. Uwe Demele, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Hackspiel-Mikosch .

R A W L I N E S – POSITIVE MATERIALS puts the material central to sustainable design. The project evaluates the potentially positive impact of algae-based materials to close material cycles effectively through a material-driven design and research approach. It consists of two parts: The biodegradable knitwear collection RAW LINES, made from the healthy and compostable cellulosic fibre SeaCell™, and the MATERIAL INNOVATION APP, a digital tool developed to foster a holistic understanding of materials for fashion designers and buyers.

The collection R A W L I N E S explores Design for Wellbeing and Design for Material Health from a holistic perspective on sustainability. The design of the garments follows the eco-effective Cradle to Cradle® philosophy and considers more than mere aesthetics also the entire product life cycle and services models.

Algae as a starting point for new materials with their many positive properties are increasingly used as a raw material in design also for fashion and textile applications and could in the future provide an answer to the scarcity of resources and unhealthy and polluting materials. SeaCell™ embeds algae, harvested in the fjords of Iceland, as a powder into a soft yarn made of wood. Minerals, trace elements and vitamins from the seaweed can actively transfer to the skin, while antioxidants protect it from harmful damages and free radicals. The natural ingredients of this healthy, compostable yarn make it safe to wear and safe for the environment.

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