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Good design needs a good strategy. 

We see fashion and textiles as a positive driver for innovation and inspiration towards circularity and sustainability. We believe in big ambitions and bold actions, while also celebrating the smaller steps and realistic milestones on the way towards it. 

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Fashion Changers Konferenz 2022  – mentoring sessions for six start-ups on circularity, regeneration and materials. 

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Fair Fashion Forum Ruhr, Circular Fashion  – invitation for a panel discussion on material and design in the context of circularity in fashion 

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Colour Conference 2022, Deutsches Farbenzentrum e.V. at Humboldt University Berlin – workshop and knowledge session on material health and its connection to colour.

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Consulting Project with Sächschies Textilforschungsinstitut e.V.  – consulting service and workshop sessions for a material research and product development project.  

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student workshop for "Diversity Day" at Modeschule Berlin – discussing cultural appropriation in fashion and its links to social and cultural sustainability.  

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Circularity Challenges – backround interview for the article "Kreislaufwirtschaft: Welche Hürden liegen auf dem Weg?" for Fashion Changers Magazin.

click here to read the full article by Medina Imsirovic

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BRONX X The Sustainability Club  – THE SUSTAINABILITY CLUB has helped BRONX to shape their vision on sustainability and we advised BRONX on the development of the new GROOV-Y CANVAS boots. These boots are the first steps of BRONX in their journey towards ZERO FOOTPRINT.

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Collaborative Services  – We have teamed up with these incredible women under the umbrella of The Sustainability Club to offer more diverse expertise, products and services to guide your brand’s sustainability journey.

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Sustainable Stretch – article for Fashion Changers Magazin on circular elastane fibres and the future of more sustainable stretch fabrics in fashion.

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The Dos and Dont's of Circularity  – keynote on the principles of circularity in fashion and tips on how to get started.

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Forum Nachhaltigkeit 2021  – student workshop at Modeschule Berlin on the topic of genderfluid clothing and its connection to sustainability.

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The Future of Creative Design  – presenting our projects New Matters virtual and live to an international audience.

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consulting services and workshops for Vierglück textile products.

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Speaking Event – presentation of result of  research study conducted for the publication Dossier: Fast Fashion – A Balance Sheet in 3 parts at Fashionsustain conference during NEONYT in Berlin. The keynote was held in the name of Beneficial Design Institute GmbH.

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Dossier: Fast Fashion – A Balance Sheet in 3 parts – Co-Author of two articles on buying practices and fact sheets on the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry.

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