Good design needs a good strategy. 

We see fashion and textiles as a positive driver for innovation and inspiration towards circularity and sustainability. We believe in big ambitions and bold actions, while also celebrating the smaller steps and realistic milestones on the way towards it. 

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Circularity. Regeneration. Cradle to Cradle.

references including:

Studio hettler.tüllmann – consulting and small series production of interior products

Electronic + Textile Institute Berlin – knitting & design

Little Man Happy, organic kidswear – design & pattern making, technical drawings, tech packs, production preparation & monitoring

TrendRaider – technical drawings

references including:

Speaker at Fashion Changers Konferenz 2021 – Die Dos & Don'ts der Kreislauffähigkeit

Fashion Changers – Article 

Christliche Initiative Romero e.V. für Beneficial Design Institute e.V. Dossier: Fast Fashion 

Speaker at NeoNyt Berlin – Better Buying Practices 

Material Design Lab // KEA Copenhagen School of Design & Technology – student workshop on material innovation in sustainable fashion and material innovation mapping

WORTH Partnership Project  material research & development with Material Design Lab Copenhagen

Akademie Mode & Design Berlin – student workshop on material health and material innovation

Modeschule Berlin - student workshops including the topics circularity, sustainability, current laws & regulation and genderfluid fashion

German Museum for Technology Berlin – hands-on upcycling workshops

references including:

Steve Madden – with THE SUSTAINABILITY CLUB, focus on research current laws & regulations

BRONX – with THE SUSTAINABILITY CLUB, focus on strategy building, certification and sustainability knowledge session

STFI – circularity workshops & consultation

VIERGLÜCK –  sustainable products, materials and communication

for larger project proposal we partner up with our friends from The Sustainability Club to offer a wider range of services.

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